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Bear Alert

This is the time of year that bears can roam through Mountain Lakes Resort.

Mountain Shadows owners are asked to be cautious. If you spot a bear, call security so they can be on alert.

Do not attempt to confront the bear. If you do harm the bear, you will be held legally accountable.

The following is from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

  • NEVER FEED OR APPROACH BEARS: Feeding bears (intentionally or unintentionally) trains them to approach homes and people for more food. Bears will defend themselves if a person gets too close, so don’t risk your safety and theirs!

  • SECURE FOOD, GARBAGE AND RECYCLING: Food and food odors attract bears so don’t reward them with easily available food or garbage.

  • REMOVE BIRD FEEDERS WHEN BEARS ARE ACTIVE: Birdseed and other grains have a high calorie content making them very attractive to bears. The best way to avoid conflicts with bears is to remove feeders.

  • NEVER LEAVE PET FOOD OUT: Feed outdoor pets portion sizes that will be completely eaten during each meal and then remove leftover food and food bowl. Securely store these foods so nothing is available to bears.

  • CLEAN AND STORE GRILLS: After you use an outdoor grill, clean it thoroughly and make sure that all grease and fat is removed. Store cleaned grills and smokers in a secure area that keeps bears out.

  • LET NEIGHBORS KNOW: Share news with your friends and neighbors about recent bear activity and how to avoid bear conflicts. Bears have adapted to living near people; are you willing to adapt to living near bears?

NOTE TO OWNERS OF SHORT TERM RENTALS: Trash must be disposed of immediately. Garbage is not allowed to stay out in the open. This is considered a violation and will be fined.



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