Mountain Shadows Association

Winter is approaching!

Make sure your mountain property is prepared. 

Insulate your pipes. Turn off the water if you are not here.

Let Mountain Shadows know where your water shut-off valve is!

Let's talk about frozen water pipes AND busted water lines.

Thanks to alert owners, MS has been able to address water spills rather quickly this month.  

Remember two-thirds of our owners are NOT staying within the resort, so please help them and your community. If you hear running water or see pools of water notify security or a board member. 

How does MS address breaks in the water lines?

1. Determine where the break is.

2. If in roadway, etc., it is immediately repaired by MS and MLWSA.   

3. If determined that the break is on a property, the water shut off valve is used. (And this is not easily found sometimes, hence the contact sheet.) 

4. Owner is contacted and must repair.

5. If there is no valve and MS must take action to stop the water spill, the repair is initiated by MS. The owner is fined a violation for no valve and is billed for the repair. 

And then there are the trees...

Fallen Trees

When it comes to trees on lots, it is the responsibility of the owners to maintain their lots and financially to remove any trees that may be a hazard to them or their neighbors.
Periodically, neighboring owners, board members, or workers will identify trees that are a potential danger.
The trees are inspected in case there is need of a variance. 
Owners, who are off site, are then contacted. If not reached within a certain length of time they will receive a certified letter.

If the street light is out in your section, let the board know. 

Tom Quick will make sure Habersham repairs the pole. But they will only work on no less than 3 poles at a time.

Mountain Shadows Owners

Information and forms property owners may be interested in or need.

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